Room of Plenty

The story of Ludwig Plenty

Ludwig Plenty is born on the 19th of May 1905 in Poznań. In 1922 he goes to a newly established Maritime School in Tczew. As a student, he travels to Brasil in 1923. There he escapes from the crew of his school ship and joins a group of adventure seekers. He remains in South America for a few years and returns to Poland only to say goodbye to his dying mother.
The following years are abundant in adventrues but he finally settles on an Indonesian island. There in 1933 he marries Ayeh, who gives birth to his son, Antoni Munawar Plenty. For a moment Ludwig finds peace in his life. When WWII starts Ludwig decides to go back to Poland worried about his father but doesn’t reach the country and remains in Switzerland until the war is over.
In 1945 he goes to the re-claimed city of Gdansk. He learns that his father died and that his family in Indonesia was resettled. He tries to find them for many years without success. Resigned, he seeks relief in travels. In 8 years he visits almost all countries of the world and eventually returns to Poland in 1967 to work on a secret project. Ons the 30th of November 1969 he disappears in yet unknown circumstances…